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Best Practices
Best Practices

Explore best practices, the ins and outs of UXPin, and discover techniques and tips for transforming your designs into life-like prototypes. From basic interactions, components, real-data, to advanced animations, logic, states, or expressions – find out how to power your design workflow.

How to merge two UX designs into 1?


I've designed products as a different project but I would like to add them together. Is there a way to do that or do I have to copy-paste from one project to another? Can you advise me? 

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Meet ShahUXPin Champion
Product Designer and User Researcher

How and where do you find clients/companies that would use UXPin?

Problem with anchoring the group that is scrolled vertically and also horizontally.

I'm creating a mobile version of plan comparison tool with 3 plans to compare. I'm having a hard time to find the way to anchor the top portion of the plan in place, so it serves as a reference, when... (More)