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Best Practices
Best Practices

Explore best practices, the ins and outs of UXPin, and discover techniques and tips for transforming your designs into life-like prototypes. From basic interactions, components, real-data, to advanced animations, logic, states, or expressions – find out how to power your design workflow.

Constraints in UXPin

Hi all,
I'm using UXPin coming from design tools Sketch and Figma in the past - I'm finding very little documentation on setting up constraints for new components. The controls are not following the same precedence that I'm used to.... (More)

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Product Designer and User Researcher

Help me design a quick prototype!

Hey guys! I want to create a quick 15-30 seconds of video/GIF covering my awesome prototyping skills. I also want to cover some of the advanced and unique interactions UXPin offers along with my visual design skills.

Please give some... (More)

Convert text into vector shapes

A very useful feature that I wish was in UXPin was the ability to convert text into vector shapes. I just made a logo with text and now I cannot download the logo on the spec page as one complete... (More)

Best way to document a UX Pin design

What's the best way to document different parts of a design/prototype if certain parts that you would like to document are hidden at different points during the prototype?