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Best Practices
Best Practices

Explore best practices, the ins and outs of UXPin, and discover techniques and tips for transforming your designs into life-like prototypes. From basic interactions, components, real-data, to advanced animations, logic, states, or expressions – find out how to power your design workflow.

Fluent Pivot with non merge design elements

We really like the pivot element, but we cannot figure out a way to do free form design using the pivot tabs? Seems we have to create our own tabs in order to add the basic elements for UXPin? Are... (More)

Replace components

Hi there, 

I'm new to UXPin! is there a "Components swap" functionality?
I'm looking for ways to replace a batch of components on a page with another version of the same component without changing the Master, just swapping them.


Convert text into vector shapes

A very useful feature that I wish was in UXPin was the ability to convert text into vector shapes. I just made a logo with text and now I cannot download the logo on the spec page as one complete... (More)

How to merge two UX designs into 1?


I've designed products as a different project but I would like to add them together. Is there a way to do that or do I have to copy-paste from one project to another? Can you advise me?