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Feature Requests
Feature Requests

"What if I could [put your dream feature request here] in UXPin?" Let's turn all the what-ifs into action together by striking a heated discussion about your most frequently requested features.

Missing Material Icons


The set of Material Icons seems to be missing at least 952 of the icons. (You only included about 40% of them.) Could you pretty please include the entire font? Creating individual SVGs in Illustrator is a long slow... (More)

Interactions - Action: Unset Fixed Position

So I like the ability to set a fixed position on an element after the user scrolls to specified position, but it is limited. What I need also is the ability to unset the fixed position when the user scrolls... (More)

I also found this very annoying, but the I found out that if you deselect the original object before pasting the new pasted item will be placed in place and not below the original, so you don't have to move... (More)

Scroll Direction as Trigger for Interaction

Would love the ability to trigger an interaction based on scroll direction. For example, a user scrolls down and the nav becomes hidden, scrolls back up and it shows.