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Product Feedback
Product Feedback

Leave your feedback on UXPin's new features, updates and enhancements. 

Performance Issues

I really love UXPin's capabilities but one thing that is getting hard to ignore is the slowness of the application as a whole.

  • Selecting or Selecting + dragging (it seems it takes too long to focus on the selected object/text... (More)

Why won't Boxes work in Components?

I'm trying to create a simple hover tooltip component and its proving to be impossible. A box displays on hover with text, where it should size properly based on text length with appropriate padding, which works until you try to... (More)

Scrolling Bugs

Hi, I wanted to report some frustrating bugs with scrolling.

  1. I'm designing a messaging app. When one recieves messages, they show at the bottom of the scrollable list. UXPin's scrolling, however, assumes all scrollable content is below the crop. Not... (More)

What is the next feature you will like to see in UXPIN?

Let's start sharing and tell UXPIN team why it should be implemented in 2021!