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Product Feedback
Product Feedback

Leave your feedback on UXPin's new features, updates and enhancements. 

Bug report: Overview preview is not loading in large projects


My team often uses large UXPin projects with 50 - 100 pages. After about 25 pages, the Overview feature stops loading thumbnails. It will open the view, but will never load page previews. Even if I navigate to the... (More)

Performance Issues

I really love UXPin's capabilities but one thing that is getting hard to ignore is the slowness of the application as a whole.

  • Selecting or Selecting + dragging (it seems it takes too long to focus on the selected object/text... (More)

Why won't Boxes work in Components?

I'm trying to create a simple hover tooltip component and its proving to be impossible. A box displays on hover with text, where it should size properly based on text length with appropriate padding, which works until you try to... (More)

Scrolling Bugs

Hi, I wanted to report some frustrating bugs with scrolling.

  1. I'm designing a messaging app. When one recieves messages, they show at the bottom of the scrollable list. UXPin's scrolling, however, assumes all scrollable content is below the crop. Not... (More)