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Our vision is to help everyone build advanced, high-quality designs. 

To support this goal, we’ve launched the UXPin Community to bring together designers from all walks of life to exchange knowledge and discover each other's creative work. 

Let's build a great and inclusive community together!

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Hi all! 👋 I'm Anita and I am Community Manager at UXPin. I am more than excited to welcome you at UXPin Community platform.

We have created this space for you to find some valuable answers, share your experience &... (More)

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Community Guideline

Why are we here?

Well, we’re here for some obvious reasons. To exchange knowledge, inspire, get inspired – this is what matters to us, people from the design world.

First search, then ask.

Look up answers by simply using the... (More)

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Product Designer and User Researcher

Happy New Year everyone! Looking forward to kickass 2021 with y'all!!!

Hi @Ty Fairclough4 ! Yes, of course, you can upload UXPin files here in the community. Just hit the "File" button on the "Post" section, upload your project & choose the suggested topic:

  • is it simply a general "... (More)