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Web app designers: Do you build your entire app in one prototype? Or…

…do you piece it out into several prototypes, one per section or feature? This is how I currently do it and was curious how the single prototype approach works out. Seems like it may get bloated and slow.

HTML export and fonts

When I export to HTML and open in Chrome, console complains that it can't find data/fonts.css and everything displays in Arial. A code comment says this CSS is auto-generated. Is it? If this CSS was present, would it display the... (More)

Checkboxes and Radios

Hey all,

I don't know why this is happening, but the labels for my checkboxes and radios are not lining up next to the toggles. There is also no options in the properties panel to adjust anything like padding or... (More)

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Can't we edit properties of the code components the normal way instead of manual changing of every field?

I loved the demo of "Merge" in this video. Can't we edit properties of code components the "Designer way"? Reference: Watch video from 17:35