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View user-installed fonts in UXPin in Safari

I have the Font Awesome font installed on my Mac, which lets me view icons in my prototypes within the UXPin desktop app or in Chrome. However, if I view a prototype or open the editor inside Safari, I can't... (More)

Where is the properties panel? I am trying to find the X.

Drag Gesture

Hey UXPin team.

I'm sure this has been asked a few times in the past but we really need the drag gesture included in the interaction panel. Any plans on getting this on the application soon?

Also, anyone have some... (More)

Meet ShahUXPin Champion
Product Designer and User Researcher

Help me design a quick prototype!

Hey guys! I want to create a quick 15-30 seconds of video/GIF covering my awesome prototyping skills. I also want to cover some of the advanced and unique interactions UXPin offers along with my visual design skills.

Please give some... (More)