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Merge  is a revolutionary technology that lets users import and keep in sync coded React.js components from GIT repositories to the UXPin Editor. Imported components are 100% identical to the components used by developers during the development process. It means that components are going to look, feel and function (interactions, data) just like the real product experienced by the end-users.


Storybook - see args/properties in spec mode

We're evaluating UXPin and the storybook merge feature with our Svelte component library. We love it so far. One thing that we feel is missing is that the selections the designer makes for the args/props are only visible in design... (More)


Can't Start with a Boilerplate Repo :(

Hi guys, hope your good.

I'm new at Merge and I'm following the steps in this tutorial, but as you might guess.... I failed :(

I'm struggling with the last part, at the npm start command. At this point... (More)

🎉 New npm integration in UXPin - support us on today's launch on Product Hunt!

Hi UXPin Community!

Today is a big day as we've just launched new npm integration on Product Hunt! 🥳 Celebrate with us by leaving a comment or a review.

Thanks to our new integration, you’re able to design with npm... (More)

🎬 Live Product Demo: npm libraries - see the new integration in action!

Good Morning! ☀️

We have some exciting news to share with the whole UXPin community! Tomorrow, you’ll get to test a new npm integration that brings prototyping to a whole new level.

Feel invited to join UXPin’s live demo this... (More)