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Merge  is a revolutionary technology that lets users import and keep in sync coded React.js components from GIT repositories to the UXPin Editor. Imported components are 100% identical to the components used by developers during the development process. It means that components are going to look, feel and function (interactions, data) just like the real product experienced by the end-users.

Can't start Merge in Experimental Mode

Hello, I'm trying to get back into fiddling with Merge. I have this repo that I used with Merge a few years ago. When I try npm start, I get these errors:

Since it says "platform darwinarm64 is not... (More)

🔔MUI 5 - the first built-in library in UXPin on Product Hunt

Hi all!
We've some exciting news - we've just launched on Product Hunt the first built-in library in UXPin - MUI 5!

MUI (Material UI) is a React UI library that so many people love because of its accessibility, alignment... (More)

From UXPin Team

UXPin with Merge technology - a new video! 🔴🎥

Hi all!

We’ve just released a new video shortly explaining our Merge technology.

It’d be great if you passed it on, shared it (FB / Li / Twitter), and let us know what you think.

We’re super excited... (More)

Live Prototyping Session with Anthony Hand from PayPal

Hi everyone!

Buckle up because we’ll be holding our first live prototyping session on August 26!

Our friend from PayPal, Anthony Hand will show you how to scale up the design process with your company’s UI library.

He’ll be using... (More)