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Product Discussion
Product Discussion

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Missing Material Icons


The set of Material Icons seems to be missing at least 952 of the icons. (You only included about 40% of them.) Could you pretty please include the entire font? Creating individual SVGs in Illustrator is a long slow... (More)

UXPIn is no longer ahead when come to triggers. ProtoPie is.

Protopie supports touch and drag triggers
Protopie supports touch and drag triggers

If you on a MAC, there are third party apps like ColorSnapper114 can use as eyedropper in UXPin.  Of course UXPin should have its own eyedropper tool.


Retain auto layout/resize in component

While I really like the auto resize/auto layout using them becomes a moot point when creating components for use within a design system.

Shown here in this example, a simple card organism loses all of the auto layout attributes and... (More)