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Product Discussion
Product Discussion

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Meet ShahUXPin Champion
Product Designer and User Researcher

Is anyone using Merge? I so want to give it a shot like I want to try it.

feature wish list

hi folks looking for some support for the following:


support for backdrop-filter

export transparent backgrounds

show links between pages (allow page overview to be more like figma)

lottie support


drag and drop

advanced animations/transitions

responsive layouts (% and... (More)

Drag and Drop Interactions

Hey Guys, is there a way to create drag and drop interactions? I saw that a lot of people asked for it last year. Is there a way to do it?

Meet ShahUXPin Champion
Product Designer and User Researcher

Figma is no longer free! Hey, UXPin sales team...buckle up!

I just talked randomly with my friend yesterday that even if the tools like Axure or UXPin won't have the popularity they sure would have strong balance sheet! And this news proves that!!!

This is a golden chance for... (More)