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Product Discussion
Product Discussion

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Retain auto layout/resize in component

While I really like the auto resize/auto layout using them becomes a moot point when creating components for use within a design system.

Shown here in this example, a simple card organism loses all of the auto layout attributes and... (More)
Creative Director for Product Development

Using Auto Layout in Component Library

Is anyone else using Auto Layout in their components?

I find it slightly annoying that elements get forced to have a fixed width when making something a component.

Auto layout has some really useful use cases for moving things in... (More)

Drag and Drop Interactions

Hey Guys, is there a way to create drag and drop interactions? I saw that a lot of people asked for it last year. Is there a way to do it?

UXPIn is no longer ahead when come to triggers. ProtoPie is.

Protopie supports touch and drag triggers
Protopie supports touch and drag triggers