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Product Discussion
Product Discussion

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Creative Director for Product Development

Using Auto Layout in Component Library

Is anyone else using Auto Layout in their components?

I find it slightly annoying that elements get forced to have a fixed width when making something a component.

Auto layout has some really useful use cases for moving things in... (More)

Drag and Drop Interactions

Hey Guys, is there a way to create drag and drop interactions? I saw that a lot of people asked for it last year. Is there a way to do it?

UXPIn is no longer ahead when come to triggers. ProtoPie is.

Protopie supports touch and drag triggers
Protopie supports touch and drag triggers

Performance Issues

I really love UXPin's capabilities but one thing that is getting hard to ignore is the slowness of the application as a whole.

  • Selecting or Selecting + dragging (it seems it takes too long to focus on the selected object/text... (More)