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🔴👋 This is a read-only topic where the UXPin team posts product-related updates 🔴

From product updates and changes to webinars and events – this is the place to stay up to date with all the news and announcements, and the best content from the UXPin team.

Measuring DesignOps impact - free webinar with Patrizia Bertini

Hi everyone!

Who’s heard about DesignOps? We’re hosting a webinar on measuring DesignOps impact with Patrizia Bertini, Associate Director of design operations at Babylon.

Patrizia is going to share her approach to DesignOps and explain how to make sure that... (More)

From UXPin Team

UXPin with Merge technology - a new video! 🔴🎥

Hi all!

We’ve just released a new video shortly explaining our Merge technology.

It’d be great if you passed it on, shared it (FB / Li / Twitter), and let us know what you think.

We’re super excited... (More)

🔥 Overview of UXPin from Jesse Showalter

If you are looking for an overview of UXPin, here's a fresh video from Jesse Showalter!

"The majority of design tools are all the same – but there's a bunch of other tools that approach design and problem-solving in... (More)

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