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What's New

From product updates, changes, to enhancements and fixes – this is the place to stay on top of everything that's new in UXPin.

🔔MUI 5 - the first built-in library in UXPin on Product Hunt

Hi all!
We've some exciting news - we've just launched on Product Hunt the first built-in library in UXPin - MUI 5!

MUI (Material UI) is a React UI library that so many people love because of its accessibility, alignment... (More)

Auto Layout is here!

Wrap, align, and tweak elements in just a few clicks. 🚀

Celebrate our feature out of beta on Product Hunt and try it out! 

Storybook-UXPin integration on Product Hunt!

Hi there! 👋🏻

We've just launched Storybook-UXPin integration on Product Hunt!

It's one of the steps to make the integration available for more users - start with a trial and then expand it!

It'd be great if you celebrated the... (More)

Design with code components: UXPin-Storybook integration is here!

Hi everyone 👋🏻

Today is a BIG DAY. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of UXPin-Storybook integration!

This feature allows you to design with the same UI components which your devs build the actual product with. You can create high-fidelity... (More)