I've started the Google calendar events tutorial so I can ultimately make a prototype that will send data to a google spreadsheet.

However, I've noticed that the JSON I write below the POST request, keeps disappearing. After typing in:


with the names of the UXPIN variables for "value1" etc., and pressing 'Save', whenever I go back to the interaction in prototyping view, I see that the JSON has disappeared. Has this happened to anyone else and does anyone know why this might be happening?

The prototype can be found here: https://preview.uxpin.com/1e416e0ecfb3879cb9e9dd4313703b3428415e4b#/pages/136038257/simulate/no-panels?mode=i

Also, if anyone else has any experience of creating UXPin prototypes that can update a spreadsheet, I would very much appreciate any tips as so far I'm following instructions, not really understanding and thus not sure how to troubleshoot