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Sergey Petrosyan
Product designer at Inmood

HI guys, does anyone know how to restore delated components or see action history ? I accidentally deleted a group of components. ctrl + z doesn't work for this situation.

Where am I?

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Floriaan M
Floriaan M UXPin Team

Hey Sergey, just noticed your post here! I am glad I was able to help you through email to recover these components :) 


@Floriaan M I did the same thing. How far back in time can I go to recover deleted items?

Natalia Lasica
Natalia Lasica UXPIN TEAM

Hi @Matt

It depends on how many edits you did since the items were deleted. 

Would you send us a message with a preview link at or our in-app chat? I will check it for your prototype.

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