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How and where do you find clients/companies that would use UXPin?

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As a contractor that has been using UXPin for 10 years and tries to introduce it into other companies, I find the biggest barrier is cost. To use all of UXPins features with even a small team you need to have an Enterprise account, and this is prohibitive for growing teams. As UXPin pricing does not 'grow with the team' well, people resort to cheaper options like Figma which are inferior in every way but then get the tools get embedded and it's game over for new ones.

Aaron Nickulas
Aaron Nickulas UXPin Champion

I agree with this issue, however another even larger one I see frequently—primarily at large corporations—is dealing with procurement. 

Bringing a tool onboard to a company that is highly regulated like Fintech or healthcare is very hard and met with resistance. Also any cloud software needs to be assessed on many levels, but that isn't the hardest part. 

Name recognition and market positioning matter. Procurement teams will likely know the bigger names—the names in the ads, and in the news. The tools that are easily understood. FIGMA made big news with their big investment they secured back in 2019 and also made it known its a great collaboration tool. UXPin was doing what Figma was starting to do for years, but know one knew it. Invision is already a household name even though I feel its absolute junk that cals itself a prototyping tool. (Yes, I do have a bias against invision). Not one single person in any job I have been in knew what UXPin was outside of save a few people in my direct function. This means constantly educating workplace opinion leaders and even procurement on why we need the tool, and why all tools aren't the same. It means I am taking time away from leading my team and the function to deal with this issue, just to sell in a tool that in my opinion should sell itself. However, I routinely need to make charts showing features, and creating decks to reiterate its value. In a lot of cases they say "wow thats cool, but..." then there comes the work around. 

There is often a big push to consolidate and remove duplicative tools. Sadly in large corporations that decision doesn't always reside with the people in the function doing the job. Large companies may already have solutions already; things like creative suite. Adobe is a well known name so hearing things like "JUST USE XD" is a phrase I've heard a lot. 

When you take all of those things it can feel like this to companies. 

  • We have a tool to design and prototype already
  • Ive never heard of this tool before
  • It's more than we are paying now, why would we duplicate tools?

I worry if tools don't learn to play nice with each other and continue down a path like this companies will be forced—by an educated decision or not—to pick a single source of truth. And that will usually go to the market and recognized tools. 

I apologize for the long reply, this is a near and dear topic. I am a huge proponent for prototyping of all kinds. I use multiple tools. As of late I am finding bringing UXPin into work places harder and harder particularly in light of Figma. I am just so limited by Figma. 

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