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Kevin Kelpe
Product Manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

Has anyone found a clever way to get around the very obvious lack of drag-and-drop prototyping in this product?

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I've managed to simulate it pretty nicely using the "press and hold" trigger, in combination with the "move to" or "move by" action. It's not perfect, and won't work if you're trying to user test something like "where would you move these items?" But, if you're just trying to demonstrate to a client or user that something will be drag and drop, you can do it pretty well. One caveat, is that you will need to update your X&Y coordinates anytime you move things (unless you put it in a component I suppose). You can also add flourishes like showing a grabbed hand icon while it's moving to enhance the effect. Or if it's not snapping into place the way you want it to, you can set up a second time delayed interaction to make it bounce into place or move the last few pixels of the interaction differently than the rest. So, as long as you're not expecting too much and are willing to spend a little time with it, you can simulate it pretty well for the right use case. 

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