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Ty Fairclough
Asked a question 3 years ago

Is there anywhere where we can share uxp files? If not I started building to fill the gap

Linus Lim UXPin Champion
Thanks for sharing your uxp files. Do you create them from UXPin or import from sketch files?

I have an idea. Can Anita Kwaśnik help to promote?

I think everyone can have their own project to share their passion for UXPin.
Ty Fairclough
Sorry for the tardy reply, I forget this community even exists. The website had a mix of imports and originals. I imported a bunch from other sites just to get something to demo. A site like this wouldn't get anywhere without support from the product, there's no other places the community gathers that I know of.
Meet Shah UXPin Champion
Ty Fairclough Yes, same here! Keeping up with this is very hard, I guess we need a Slack channel or something! Anita Kwaśnik Chris Stryjewski
Chris Stryjewski UXPin Team
Hello Ty Fairclough! 👋
Thank you for re-surfacing this topic.
Right now we can support you only with this community platform (which, I think, serves pretty much the same way as Slack would <with a big benefit of not losing files/messages after crossing 10k messages>).
Still, we'd love this community to thrive and get some more activity, so please let me ask you this: if there was a prominent place to drop prototypes for sharing purpose here, on this platform, would you be sharing your .uxp files?
Meet Shah UXPin Champion
Chris Stryjewski The biggest disadvantage of this platform is there's no one-to-one or group messaging. Every interaction is "Question-answer" only. also, no mobile app for better retention!

Where am I?

In UXPin you can ask and answer questions and share your experience with others!

Hi @Ty Fairclough226 ! Yes, of course, you can upload UXPin files here in the community. Just hit the "File" button on the "Post" section, upload your project & choose the suggested topic:

Please, check the full Topics list161 to choose the most suitable for your project.

Let's inspire other community members with your works! 

Is there anywhere where we can share uxp files? If not I started building to fill the gap
Meet ShahUXPin Champion
Product Designer and User Researcher

I have started working on this, it'll soon be live at www.uxpin.live238 Let's talk more about this!