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Lazar Krstić
Product designer
Asked a question 3 years ago

When I want to add new interaction the list of pages is automatically opened, is there anyone with the same issue? This is the problem for me because I usually don't use Go to page action, then I need to turn off the list first and after that to choose what action I want.

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Yes this is the default behavior and everyone did what you did due to UX design.  It will be even better if the panel remember the last interaction added, so it will not activate the goto Page interaction anymore. @Anna Kiedrowska244 @Anita Kwaśnik126 

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This has been added after their last update. I assume the notion behind this is to have as quick prototyping as possible. Because go-to next page is one of the interaction that most of the designers are familiar with regardless of their experience or previous tool. I'm not against it but yes, there should be some toggle in settings to turn-off as this increases the interaction cost for users like us.

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Asked a question 3 years ago
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