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Ask a question to our Accessibility Expert - Piotr Źrołka #accessibility

Hi there!

The webinar “11 ways to start your inclusive, accessible design toolkit” has just finished!

Thank you very much for an outstanding attendance – we had over 631 people joining the session in total! If you haven’t got a... (More)

Accessibility Design System

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone here had come up with a good way of providing to a development team in a clear and coherent fashion all the different states for components (focus, etc.) as well as taking into... (More)

From UXPin Team

Recording of the Accessibility Webinar


Here is the recording of the “11 ways to start your inclusive, accessible design toolkit” webinar.

📣 If you have any accessibility-related questions, Piotr is available to answer them here in the community until Friday! 📣Just add the... (More)