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Design Systems
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Replace components

Hi there, 

I'm new to UXPin! is there a "Components swap" functionality?
I'm looking for ways to replace a batch of components on a page with another version of the same component without changing the Master, just swapping them.


User Interface Designer

Import design system

Telerik offers a UI kit for Figma, is there a way to import something like this for UXPin? Are Figma UI kits cross-compatible and if so, how would one import them? I see a way to add a new system... (More)

How to Build and Scale Design Systems in Enterprises - free webinar with Amber Jabeen

Join us next Tuesday to learn how to adopt a design system strategy that actually works. Amber Jabeen, a DesignOps director in Delivery Hero MENA (Talabat), will share how to get support for growing a design system that... (More)

👉🏻Learn how to defend your Design System with Carola Cassaro 👈🏻

Hi there! 🙌

Another exciting webinar is coming! This time we have invited Carola Cassaro from Work & Co and asked to share her insights on helping IKEA grow its global design system.

If you would like to learn:... (More)