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Design Systems
Design Systems
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User Interface Designer

Import design system

Telerik offers a UI kit for Figma, is there a way to import something like this for UXPin? Are Figma UI kits cross-compatible and if so, how would one import them? I see a way to add a new system... (More)

How to Build and Scale Design Systems in Enterprises - free webinar with Amber Jabeen

Join us next Tuesday to learn how to adopt a design system strategy that actually works. Amber Jabeen, a DesignOps director in Delivery Hero MENA (Talabat), will share how to get support for growing a design system that... (More)

👉🏻Learn how to defend your Design System with Carola Cassaro 👈🏻

Hi there! 🙌

Another exciting webinar is coming! This time we have invited Carola Cassaro from Work & Co and asked to share her insights on helping IKEA grow its global design system.

If you would like to learn:... (More)

Measuring DesignOps impact - free webinar with Patrizia Bertini

Hi everyone!

Who’s heard about DesignOps? We’re hosting a webinar on measuring DesignOps impact with Patrizia Bertini, Associate Director of design operations at Babylon.

Patrizia is going to share her approach to DesignOps and explain how to make sure that... (More)