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Stay up to date with the events happening in the industry as well as those held by UXPin.

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📌 Design Value Conference - March, 29, 2022 - save your spot!

Join our Design Value Conference 2022, a 1-day event with top leaders who’ll share their stories about raising design’s impact in the organization. Listen to their valuable insights and learn how to improve strategic planning, scale, and build... (More)

📣Free webinar with Johnson & Johnson 📣"From Style Guide to Interactive Design System in Enterprise."

Hey everyone! 👋🏻

If you are looking for great Design System examples and how they can be applied in your enterprise, we’ve got you covered! We’re hosting a webinar on interactive Design Systems in enterprise with… Johnson & Johnson!... (More)

Free webinar: 11 ways to start your inclusive, accessible design toolkit

Hey everyone! 👋

Have you ever wondered how people with disabilities interact with your design? Or maybe you are looking for ways to start building an inclusive culture in your company?

Learn all about this and get some extra practical... (More)