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Feature Requests
Feature Requests

"What if I could [put your dream feature request here] in UXPin?" Let's turn all the what-ifs into action together by striking a heated discussion about your most frequently requested features.

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Feature request: Allow Component size override


To make components useful as reusable things, please consider size override.

Nobody wants to make "all width versions" of a component for showing data in a particular way, right?

Autofocus on the password field when sharing a prototype

For security reasons, we put passwords on every file we share internally and externally. I noticed that after opening the link, you always need to click on the field or use the TAB button to start typing. I think it... (More)

Dynamic documentation numbering and display

I'm just starting to figure out how to use the documentation features, but I'm having a hard time to get it to work as I want/expect it to, so if someone can help me out I'd be grateful. If it's... (More)

Right click spell check in Documentation mode

Plain and simple, this feature would be incredibly handy.  Not really sure why it hasn't been added yet but it'd make writing documentation far, far easier.