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Feature Requests
Feature Requests

"What if I could [put your dream feature request here] in UXPin?" Let's turn all the what-ifs into action together by striking a heated discussion about your most frequently requested features.

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Automatic adaption of text layer names

Hey UXPin!
I have a feature request: it would save *a lot of time*, if the name of a text element in the layers panel would adapt automatically to the text itself. Like for example Photoshop does.

Auto Layout Bounding Box

Auto layout is mostly great, but has its issues. You create an auto layout it reflows automatically based on what's visible. But I wish the "bounding box" for the auto layout would shrink to what's currently visible, so that other... (More)

Are there any plans to add auto-size to components?


Right now UXPin does not support automatic text resizing in components (See the orange dashed box).

The documentation says: "Note: Auto-size is not available for Boxes and Buttons that are Components." Are there any plans to add auto-sizing... (More)

Can you open the "go to URL" interactions? Thanks.

Can you open the "go to URL" interactions? Thanks.