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Feature Requests
Feature Requests

"What if I could [put your dream feature request here] in UXPin?" Let's turn all the what-ifs into action together by striking a heated discussion about your most frequently requested features.

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Product Designer and User Researcher

Is anyone using Merge? I so want to give it a shot like I want to try it.

I've managed to simulate it pretty nicely using the "press and hold" trigger, in combination with the "move to" or "move by" action. It's not perfect, and won't work if you're trying to user test something like "where would you... (More)

Feature Request: Sorting Assets

Unless I'm blind, I can't seem to find this option in the Assets panel. I believe there is only Search and Change view.

It would be nice to be able to sort the assets at least alphabetically by name automatically.

Desperately need a way to bulk replace fonts (like Adobe's Find Font function)

I'm manually searching for elements with missing fonts — and it's taking hours. We really need a way to pick specific font/weight replacements for the missing fonts we're warned about.