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Product Feedback
Product Feedback

Leave your feedback on UXPin's new features, updates and enhancements. 

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What is the next feature you will like to see in UXPIN?

Let's start sharing and tell UXPIN team why it should be implemented in 2021!

Yes this is the default behavior and everyone did what you did due to UX design. It will be even better if the panel remember the last interaction added, so it will not activate the goto Page interaction anymore. @Anna... (More)46

Bug: Wrong item selected when creating Interaction

When creating an interaction, I would expect that the item I'm about to choose for "Selected Item" would be highlighted in the main window. But it is highlighting the item I'm adding an interaction to, which makes it difficult to... (More)

Performance Issues

I really love UXPin's capabilities but one thing that is getting hard to ignore is the slowness of the application as a whole.

  • Selecting or Selecting + dragging (it seems it takes too long to focus on the selected object/text... (More)