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Sr. UX Designer

Items under Box menu?

I was doing some work over the weekend, and suddenly I had a submenu for the Box item in the toolbar. I don't remember everything that it included, but there was a Table, a Note, a Tooltip, and a couple... (More)

UXPin destroys SVG icons

The top is Illustrator, bottom UXPin. The icon is a compound path, which is how we need them for the web. If I release the compound path it will display (mostly) correct but UXPin doesn't respect the path cap (round,... (More)

Are there any plans to add auto-size to components?


Right now UXPin does not support automatic text resizing in components (See the orange dashed box).

The documentation says: "Note: Auto-size is not available for Boxes and Buttons that are Components." Are there any plans to add auto-sizing... (More)

I'm going to get crazy trying to replicate a slider loop with interactions.

Hello Everyone,

New user of UXPin here, i'm interested in the software mostly for its ability to create complex and near-final product interactions. I am currently creating a portfolio to workaround the programming work flow using UXPin and i've been... (More)