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Is it possible to change "hand pointer" to "arrow pointer" ?

In uxpin every item which contains interaction (even if something is not clickable) is represented by "hand pointer mouse coursor". On mockups it is wrong understand by users.

For example if background of row is change while mouse pointer is... (More)

Sr. UX Designer

Expression to increment variable every minute

I do appreciate the ability to use expressions, but I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to increment a variable by one every 60 seconds. UXPin doesn't seem to allow the standard setInterval javascript function-are there any other... (More)

Auto layout within Components

Greetings UXPin Community!

I am moderately familiar with UXPin and have been successfully using the tool on-and-off for the last ±2 years. Recently, I have jumped in head-first and am exclusively using UXPin for prototyping after being a consistent Figma... (More)

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Product Designer and User Researcher

How and where do you find clients/companies that would use UXPin?