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how to download transparent png


I designed some diagrams and would like to download the background to be transparent. When I do it now, I get a white background. Is there any way I could have the transparent background ? 

Mouse down stepper

Is there a way of continuously incrementing +1 to a variable with the mouse down or press and hold triggers? 

Junior Developer

Content shifting around in different states

I have two states with different purposes that share the same data but when I align components in one state it shifts in the next state? Is this a bug or is there some way I can fix this? 


Are there any plans to add auto-size to components?


Right now UXPin does not support automatic text resizing in components (See the orange dashed box).

The documentation says: "Note: Auto-size is not available for Boxes and Buttons that are Components." Are there any plans to add auto-sizing... (More)