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Nick Richardson
UX Designer @ Amazon | Owner of RDCO

Add shadows to library?

Is there a way to add drop shadows to a library? From what I can tell this is not possible at the time. Coming from Figma where that can be set as part of your design system/library.

Component unusable

I want to use a component. When I try, it ONLY offers me the 'choice' of pulling an update of the component, which I DON'T want to do. I never asked t change this component - I just want to... (More)

Meet ShahUXPin Champion
Product Designer and User Researcher

I'm announcing my first UXPin Cohort! (See details below)

So many people contacted me in the past to learn UXPin. I'm launching my first Cohort for this tool. Please go through this Notion document carefully and let me know what you think about it!

I would like to stop progress bar animation on a video

Hello everyone,

I created an animation, when you click "play button" it's showing moving progress bar of a video. It's made simple, I added two states for progress bar, "start" and "end" + interaction on click with duration 59000ms (because... (More)