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Merge  is a revolutionary technology that lets users import and keep in sync coded React.js components from GIT repositories to the UXPin Editor. Imported components are 100% identical to the components used by developers during the development process. It means that components are going to look, feel and function (interactions, data) just like the real product experienced by the end-users.

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🧩 New in Merge: Patterns 🧩

Hi all!

We'd like to introduce you to Patterns – now, you can skip the development phase for adding new Merge UI elements or their variants to a Merge library.

Patterns allow you to:

  • Save and reuse variants and properties... (More)

Does anyone know why icons for FAB buttons are not displaying icons but letters?



Does anyone know why icons for FAB buttons are not displaying icons but letters?

This is also happening for my 2 colleagues working in Merge?

Any suggestions on how we resolve this?



Broken button
Broken button
Broken button
Broken button

💥💥 Coming up: Merge Component Manager

Be the first to try our new Merge Component Manager – the simplest way to connect
design with code.

Merge Component Manager helps you reach a higher level of functional fidelity and design prototypes faster than ever, simplify handoff and... (More)

Can't start Merge in Experimental Mode

Hello, I'm trying to get back into fiddling with Merge. I have this repo that I used with Merge a few years ago. When I try npm start, I get these errors:

Since it says "platform darwinarm64 is not... (More)