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Product Discussion
Product Discussion

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Buggy group behavior

I am trying to create an accordion set following the tutorial, and sometimes when I try to move or resize an item, other items sporadically get resized or moved across the canvas.

I will get a few panels made with... (More)

My UXPin is extremely slow when switching from page to page in my projects. Sometimes taking 2 minutes or up a remote desktop for me to use. But it is still slow in that. Any suggestions?

Are there any plans to add auto-size to components?


Right now UXPin does not support automatic text resizing in components (See the orange dashed box).

The documentation says: "Note: Auto-size is not available for Boxes and Buttons that are Components." Are there any plans to add auto-sizing... (More)

Bug report: Overview preview is not loading in large projects


My team often uses large UXPin projects with 50 - 100 pages. After about 25 pages, the Overview feature stops loading thumbnails. It will open the view, but will never load page previews. Even if I navigate to the... (More)