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Product Discussion

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Creative Director for Product Development

Using Auto Layout in Component Library

Is anyone else using Auto Layout in their components?

I find it slightly annoying that elements get forced to have a fixed width when making something a component.

Auto layout has some really useful use cases for moving things in... (More)

Are there any plans to add auto-size to components?


Right now UXPin does not support automatic text resizing in components (See the orange dashed box).

The documentation says: "Note: Auto-size is not available for Boxes and Buttons that are Components." Are there any plans to add auto-sizing... (More)

Missing Material Icons


The set of Material Icons seems to be missing at least 952 of the icons. (You only included about 40% of them.) Could you pretty please include the entire font? Creating individual SVGs in Illustrator is a long slow... (More)

Convert text into vector shapes

A very useful feature that I wish was in UXPin was the ability to convert text into vector shapes. I just made a logo with text and now I cannot download the logo on the spec page as one complete... (More)