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Tips & Tricks
Tips & Tricks

When learning UXPin, the little things and workarounds can speed up your design process big time. Know a trick on how to work faster and smarter? Feel free to share it and help others speed up day-to-day workflow.

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How to create timer prototype in OTP?

I want to add a timer to my OTP design and after time out, the timer will be changed to link "resend code".
I have tried to follow this tutorial, but still don't understand how to implement it in... (More)

I want to make a prototype for input only limited to 1 number and after the user inputs 1 number it will automatically move to the next input. Is this posible in UXpin?

[Free eBook] DesignOps Pillar - Learn how to make your design team work together

Our newest ebook about DesignOps 1st Pillar, “How we work together” is now out!

Read what the best DesignOps experts from Visa, Citrix, Salesforce, and Roche have to say about hiring, career development, team rituals, and more.

You'll learn how... (More)

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