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Tips & Tricks
Tips & Tricks

When learning UXPin, the little things and workarounds can speed up your design process big time. Know a trick on how to work faster and smarter? Feel free to share it and help others speed up day-to-day workflow.

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Interaction Help!

Hello! I'm learning UXPin and I'm trying to create an interaction where the button changes states when all the input fields are entered. I want my button to change from inactive to active. I put conditions in the button interactions... (More)

Replace components

Hi there, 

I'm new to UXPin! is there a "Components swap" functionality?
I'm looking for ways to replace a batch of components on a page with another version of the same component without changing the Master, just swapping them.


Convert text into vector shapes

A very useful feature that I wish was in UXPin was the ability to convert text into vector shapes. I just made a logo with text and now I cannot download the logo on the spec page as one complete... (More)

How to create timer prototype in OTP?

I want to add a timer to my OTP design and after time out, the timer will be changed to link "resend code".
I have tried to follow this tutorial, but still don't understand how to implement it in... (More)