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Tips & Tricks
Tips & Tricks

When learning UXPin, the little things and workarounds can speed up your design process big time. Know a trick on how to work faster and smarter? Feel free to share it and help others speed up day-to-day workflow.

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Mouse down stepper

Is there a way of continuously incrementing +1 to a variable with the mouse down or press and hold triggers? 

Fluent Pivot with non merge design elements

We really like the pivot element, but we cannot figure out a way to do free form design using the pivot tabs? Seems we have to create our own tabs in order to add the basic elements for UXPin? Are... (More)

Replace components

Hi there, 

I'm new to UXPin! is there a "Components swap" functionality?
I'm looking for ways to replace a batch of components on a page with another version of the same component without changing the Master, just swapping them.


Interaction Help!

Hello! I'm learning UXPin and I'm trying to create an interaction where the button changes states when all the input fields are entered. I want my button to change from inactive to active. I put conditions in the button interactions... (More)