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From product updates and changes to webinars and events – this is the place to stay up to date with all the news and announcements, and the best content from the UXPin team.

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How to Build and Scale Design Systems in Enterprises - free webinar with Amber Jabeen

Join us next Tuesday to learn how to adopt a design system strategy that actually works. Amber Jabeen, a DesignOps director in Delivery Hero MENA (Talabat), will share how to get support for growing a design system that... (More)

📌 Design Value Conference - March, 29, 2022 - save your spot!

Join our Design Value Conference 2022, a 1-day event with top leaders who’ll share their stories about raising design’s impact in the organization. Listen to their valuable insights and learn how to improve strategic planning, scale, and build... (More)

📌 Free Webinar with Dave Malouf - Feb, 17

The next free webinar is coming this Thursday! Our guest is Dave Malouf, who’s been speaking about DesignOps for years. He will share how efficiencies created by DesignOps can lead designers to have more influence on the rest of the... (More)

🔔MUI 5 - the first built-in library in UXPin on Product Hunt

Hi all!
We've some exciting news - we've just launched on Product Hunt the first built-in library in UXPin - MUI 5!

MUI (Material UI) is a React UI library that so many people love because of its accessibility, alignment... (More)