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From product updates and changes to webinars and events – this is the place to stay up to date with all the news and announcements, and the best content from the UXPin team.

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From UXPin Team
Julia Prus
Marketing Lead @UXPin

Code-based Fluent UI in UXPin🎉

Hi all! 🙌

We're thrilled to announce a new code-based UI library in UXPin – Fluent UI! 🎉

Fluent UI is Microsoft's open-source design system which built Windows products that so many people love because of the accessibility, localization, and... (More)

🎉 New npm integration in UXPin - support us on today's launch on Product Hunt!

Hi UXPin Community!

Today is a big day as we've just launched new npm integration on Product Hunt! 🥳 Celebrate with us by leaving a comment or a review.

Thanks to our new integration, you’re able to design with npm... (More)

🎬 Live Product Demo: npm libraries - see the new integration in action!

Good Morning! ☀️

We have some exciting news to share with the whole UXPin community! Tomorrow, you’ll get to test a new npm integration that brings prototyping to a whole new level.

Feel invited to join UXPin’s live demo this... (More)

🔥 Overview of UXPin from Jesse Showalter

If you are looking for an overview of UXPin, here's a fresh video from Jesse Showalter!

"The majority of design tools are all the same – but there's a bunch of other tools that approach design and problem-solving in... (More)