Hi everyone! I have 7 years of experience using iRise for prototyping, but they shut down at the end of 2020, so I've come over to UXPin, which in my testing, is the best prototyping solution available. Perhaps some of you are recent converts as well XD. I've been using UXPin for the last couple months and have been listing all the things I'd like to see added. Here is the list; let me know if you agree with some of these.

  1. Set default (on load) state
    1. This would prevent the need for an on-load interaction work around
  2. True “containers” or “sections” for grouping elements
    1. This would let the container act like a div, allowing formatting like background, borders, etc. to be applied to the container itself, without needing to apply formatting to all individual elements or a dummy element
    2. Related wish: option to toggle whether contained elements are in their own fixed positions or stacked, pushing vertically
  3. Stretch to container/page size options on elements
    1. This would work best with the container idea above
    2. For full width or height, you select the padding instead of the width/height respectively (Webflow does something similar to this)
    3. These options could replace the current resize options (which are nice, and I am very grateful for!)
      1. Fixed size: [top, middle, or bottom] and [left, center, or right] alignment
      2. Full width: top, middle, or bottom alignment
      3. Full height: left, center, or right alignment
      4. Full width and height
  4. Fit-to-width and fit-to-window option for page sizes
    1. This would help with the realistic feel of a prototype, and would make full use of either the current resize options or the stretch options above
  5. Percent Height, Width, and X/Y positions
    1. A simple [px]/[%] toggle next to each input would be perfect
  6. Direct preview of masters
    1. Currently, pressing play while editing a master plays the page you were previously editing
  7. Ability to select all children of multiple element(s)
    1. For example, if I group cells into rows and group those into a table, I could select the table, press [Enter] twice to select all rows, then all cells in all rows
  8. True tables
    1. I tend to create pieces myself, but I’m sure many people would find these useful
    2. Options like add, remove, and hide row/column
    3. Ability to just type text or to add any element to a cell
  9. Option to toggle whether clicking an element selects the innermost or outermost contained element
    1. Any element contained in multiple levels of groups currently takes a lot of clicks to select (unless you use the right-click method to select layer)