I've noticed that scrollable content doesn't work as expected in some scenarios:

  • Scrollable content always has this scrollbar showing, which in many mobile app cases is not what we would expect to see.
  • Scrollable content works fine when the whole content is put at the top of the group so you scroll down, but when i put it at the bottom there's no way to scroll up, I wonder what I might be doing wrong.
  • I've seen that when there are menus with buttons with hover states that make scrollable content get stuck, more of this in this post: https://community.uxpin.com/post/scrolling-bugs-6080bbcdc3b5c38c5f4fcf8d

Please, other apps have no scrollbar by default and in scenarios where there's a chat the content is not always fixed at the top.

I hope you consider this feature request.

Thank you