Hello Everyone, 

New user of UXPin here, i'm interested in the software mostly for its ability to create complex and near-final product interactions. I am currently creating a portfolio to workaround the programming work flow using UXPin and i've been trying to create a slider that loops through three images by sliding the images towards the top, then going reverse once it reached last image; and i just can't get it to work. 

I started by prototyping a simple Carousel as explained in the How-To, for that purpose, i created a group containing three images with three states where the visibility of the images changes to give the impression of a image change when the state change. I created a interaction rule which triggers the next state from any state triggers, creating indeed a loop when the interaction chain is trigger by an interaction rule changing the component state affixed on the page.

Now for my component, i want to go further, first i want to create a scrolling effect for which changing the visibility doesn't cut it ; so i created a Group 3 times the size of my Canvas and put my 3 illustrations in it in a auto-layout with each images filling height and width of the container. I created two states, base (Scrolling Downward) and Scrolling Upward. Base state contains an interaction that triggers at any state changes and trigger the next stage every 6500 ms. Every state contains two Interactions (Move By (-|+) 1080px[H of canvas])  that takes 750ms to complete and are delayed correspondingly (2000ms for the first one 2750 + 2000 ms for the second one). 

Those states triggered in Isolation works properly, but don't trigger the whole loop that should be :

Page Trigger         (base) Next State Trigger                      (Scrolling Downard) Next State Trigger
        0ms                       6500ms                                                                             6500ms

                                 (base) Move By A                                  (Scrolling Downward) Move By A
                                      2750ms (total time)                                                         2750ms
                                           |---------------Execution-|                                          |------------Exec...
                                  (base) Move By B                                 (Scrolling Downard) Move By B
                                      4750ms (total time)                                                        4750ms
                                           |---------------------------Execution-|                    |-------------------

It actually stops after executing both Move By and there are no tools to debug the call trace of the triggers so from there i can't advance. Did someone tried to do something like this before ? 

Update : I solved this problem by simplifying and creating a Scrolling state containing (base) Move A -> (base) Move B -> Move C -> Move D -> Next State Trigger ; but stems the question of chaining states interactions.