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Welcome to UXPin community
Welcome to UXPin community

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Anita liked a reply 18 days ago
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Hi all! 👋 I'm Anita and I am Community Manager at UXPin. I am more than excited to welcome you at UXPin Community platform.

We have created this space for you to find some valuable answers, share your experience &... (More)

Dorota liked 4 days ago
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Free webinar: 11 ways to start your inclusive, accessible design toolkit

Hey everyone! 👋

Have you ever wondered how people with disabilities interact with your design? Or maybe you are looking for ways to start building an inclusive culture in your company?

Learn all about this and get some extra practical... (More)

Showing an element for a few seconds

Hi there!

I want to show a snackbar for like 5 seconds and disappear without user interaction, but I just can't find a way to do so. Any idea? Driving me crazy since 2 hours :D 

Asbjørn updated 2 days ago

Is there a way to position an element relative to viewport height?


I want to put a "page footer" in my prototype, and have it appear at the viewport bottom without knowing the browser window's height (or width, for that matter) when designing.

As it seems impossible to use "move to"... (More)