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Measuring DesignOps impact - free webinar with Patrizia Bertini

Hi everyone!

Who’s heard about DesignOps? We’re hosting a webinar on measuring DesignOps impact with Patrizia Bertini, Associate Director of design operations at Babylon.

Patrizia is going to share her approach to DesignOps and explain how to make sure that... (More)

Dan replied 2 days ago

Constraints in UXPin

Hi all,
I'm using UXPin coming from design tools Sketch and Figma in the past - I'm finding very little documentation on setting up constraints for new components. The controls are not following the same precedence that I'm used to.... (More)

Natalia replied 5 days ago

View user-installed fonts in UXPin in Safari

I have the Font Awesome font installed on my Mac, which lets me view icons in my prototypes within the UXPin desktop app or in Chrome. However, if I view a prototype or open the editor inside Safari, I can't... (More)

Natalia replied 5 days ago

Where is the properties panel? I am trying to find the X.