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Welcome to UXPin community
Welcome to UXPin community

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Lazar liked a month ago

Live Prototyping Session with Anthony Hand from PayPal

Hi everyone!

Buckle up because we’ll be holding our first live prototyping session on August 26!

Our friend from PayPal, Anthony Hand will show you how to scale up the design process with your company’s UI library.

He’ll be using... (More)

Carmen liked a reply 5 days ago

What is the next feature you will like to see in UXPIN?

Let's start sharing and tell UXPIN team why it should be implemented in 2021!

Carmen liked 5 days ago

Column Grid

UXpin doesn't allow users to save different types of Column Girds. This means for each new project/prototype, you have to set your grid layout metrics all over again. What are you doing to solve for this lack of customizability?