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Welcome to UXPin community

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Michelle liked 2 hours ago

🔔MUI 5 - the first built-in library in UXPin on Product Hunt

Hi all!
We've some exciting news - we've just launched on Product Hunt the first built-in library in UXPin - MUI 5!

MUI (Material UI) is a React UI library that so many people love because of its accessibility, alignment... (More)

NHM liked 2 hours ago

Reload Page, connection setting?

Having an issue with UXPin insistently forcing me to Reload a Page because I lose connection to the server. I am the only one on my Team, It is making it impossible to be productive and reverting the simplest changes.... (More)

Is it possible to create separate links for sharing in UXPin? Currently, I can't find a way to have two separate people see separate boards. Thank you!

Celtson liked 2 days ago

👉🏻Learn how to defend your Design System with Carola Cassaro 👈🏻

Hi there! 🙌

Another exciting webinar is coming! This time we have invited Carola Cassaro from Work & Co and asked to share her insights on helping IKEA grow its global design system.

If you would like to learn:... (More)