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Anita liked a reply a day ago

UXPIN + STORYBOOK - New Integration Coming Soon

Hi everyone! 👋🏻

🥁We have some exciting news to share with you 🥁

New UXPin & Storybook’s integration is coming soon!

How will it work?

You will be able to design with code components without knowing how to code! Just... (More)

Web app designers: Do you build your entire app in one prototype? Or…

…do you piece it out into several prototypes, one per section or feature? This is how I currently do it and was curious how the single prototype approach works out. Seems like it may get bloated and slow.

Natalia replied 2 days ago

HTML export and fonts

When I export to HTML and open in Chrome, console complains that it can't find data/fonts.css and everything displays in Arial. A code comment says this CSS is auto-generated. Is it? If this CSS was present, would it display the... (More)

Christian liked a reply 2 days ago
Sam Jacob Dev
Senior UX/UI Design Engineer

Is there a support for Vue

I am excited about this merge concept. I know currently, there is support only for react components. Is there support coming up for Vue. At least is it in the roadmap?