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Matt replied 18 hours ago
Sr. UX Designer

Data from Google Sheets seems to be in random order

I'm trying to get content populated from a Google Sheet, as shown in the documentation. It's kind of working, but I'm having trouble getting the rows of data to populate in the right order. It seems to populate items in... (More)

Matt replied 18 hours ago

Non-random fill with data

The fill with data feature is very powerful and fun, but in some cases the fact that it's always randomized makes it unusable for me. It would be great if there was a way to fill with data in a... (More)

Matt commented 2 days ago
Adrianna replied 2 days ago

How do I delete a component?

I added a component in two libraries by mistake. How can I remove it from the wrong library? Bonus question: how does one move a component from one library to another?