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Someone liked 18 days ago

Storybook-UXPin integration on Product Hunt!

Hi there! 👋🏻

We've just launched Storybook-UXPin integration on Product Hunt!

It's one of the steps to make the integration available for more users - start with a trial and then expand it!

It'd be great if you celebrated the... (More)

Asbjørn liked a reply 2 days ago

Can I set the value of a dropdown (select list) as an action?

Howdy all, just trying out UXPin after years of Axure.

If I have a select list with 3 values (e.g. AAA, BBB, CCC), can I set the list's value from an action on another element?

e.g. On page load, change... (More)

Matt liked 3 days ago

Designing for multiple Devices

With the "Adaptive Versions" seemingly disabled for the current Version of UXPin, I struggle to see the best oder "intended" way to design for multiple Devices/Resolutions.

I do know, that I can set the Canvas size of each Page individually.... (More)

Matt liked 3 days ago

Find/replace a color? Does this exist?

Wondering is there a way to select a color that is used in a wireframe, and quickly replace all instances of it with another color?

If not, can we please get that put on a list???? That would be so... (More)