Greetings UXPin Community!

I am moderately familiar with UXPin and have been successfully using the tool on-and-off for the last ±2 years. Recently, I have jumped in head-first and am exclusively using UXPin for prototyping after being a consistent Figma user, only using UXPin to augment designing when necessary.

I appreciated when Figma implemented its Auto layout features for the myriad of applications that it aided in when prototyping AND have been pleasantly surprised to see that UXPin followed suit, implementing its version of Auto layout now as well.

To me (and I'm sure a host of others), Auto layout is an indispensable feature and so are Components. What's even more valuable is the use of the two features in tandem... however, as I've found out–and others (evidenced by the many other posts on the topic)–Auto layout seems to be completely overridden when an element is "Component-ized."

This is extremely frustrating and almost defeats the purpose of Components for me, as I use Auto layout for nearly everything I design. Am I doing something wrong to create this exasperating result or is this a legitimate problem others are experiencing and is there a solution to it? Any suggestions are heartily welcomed!