Why are we here? 

Well, we’re here for some obvious reasons. To exchange knowledge, inspire, get inspired – this is what matters to us, people from the design world. 


First search, then ask. 

Look up answers by simply using the main "Search" bar under the navigation bar. It scans the whole platform, every topic, every discussion. Often, the answer to your question is already there. 

If you see any kind of content that doesn’t fit into the topic that it has been assigned to, feel free to let us know by tagging us or writing to us – let's improve the Community together!


Believe in your expertise and share it

Don’t shy away from asking questions – ask away! If you feel you are an expert in a certain field - great! Share your knowledge, but do it respectfully. Remember, we were all juniors at one point in the past ;) 


Who’s here to help? 

Our Customer Service team, by all means!  But please keep in mind that we also answer emails, our chat, and other customer requests and might not get back to you immediately in the Community.


Be respectful

Have open, honest, and respectful conversations. We will never accept any disrespect based on gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion. In our community, we are one and we share the same goal - to learn and be better at designing.


Please, no spam 

The Community is a no-spam zone – please, don’t post any ads, promotions, or deals not related to the topic of our Community. Links to abusive or offensive content will be removed immediately. 


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