• I am new here. How to get started?

First of all, don’t be a stranger and introduce yourself to the community 👋Here’s how. Our Community works like most social media platforms do:

  • My Feed is on the left side. The Feed is personalized based on the Topics you choose to "Follow".
  • It’s best to start by choosing Topics that are most interesting for you. You can even choose subtopics inside each topic.


  • How can I update my community profile and settings?

To change your community profile and settings, you need to go to your UXPin account settings > click on your profile picture> Your Profile > Avatar.


  • What’s “The Most Active Users” ranking? What do I get points for?

Everyone starts with 10 points. Yes, why not! Then, you earn points when you:

  • Ask a question, create a post, answer or reply to a post - 3 points
  • Create a post or leave a comment - 2 points
  • Receive a like on an answer or a post - 1 point


  • What are the content types? Should I post as a Question or Discussion?

Let us explain the difference between Questions and Discussions right away, what works best, and when.

☑︎A Question is perfect if you want to get a short answer that’s to the point. With Questions you can:

  • post a comment under a question, 
  • reply to an answer,
  • mention other users in your comments,
  • share a "poll" via question content type,
  • even request an answer from other community members.

☑︎ A Discussion is a longer conversation or discussion on a certain topic. Discussions are perfect if you want to interact with other community members as it helps you easily interact with each other. Other members can reply to your discussion and the threaded replies are ordered chronologically. 


  • I get too many emails from the Community. Can I personalize that?

Yes, you can always change your email settings. To do that, click on your profile picture> Account Settings> Emails & Notifications and personalize this experience for the most comfortable!


  • How can I edit or delete my posts?

You can only delete or edit a question if it hasn’t been answered yet.