Hi all! 👋 I'm Anita and I am Community Manager at UXPin. I am more than excited to welcome you at UXPin Community platform. 

We have created this space for you to find some valuable answers, share your experience & best practices, get some inspiration. We will be creating this community together and it would be more than great to get to know you! 


🙋‍♀Please introduce yourself by sharing a few lines about you in the thread - your actual role in the company & what they do / things you would like to learn here / your main challenge(s), but also anything you feel that will bring you closer - you can even post some hobby pictures ;) 


I used to work for UX & product conferences and have some UX background as I worked as a UX Researcher for different companies. A big fan of Design Sprints, visiting all warm places all around the globe (& working from there) and reading biographies of artists.


Now you say "Hi" to others! 🤩